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Tourisme sur plage caraïbes
golf et marina pour un tourisme différent à Las Terrenas
Las Terrenas a full development

- it is currently the international airport of El Catey (open in November 2006) to 45 min. which dopes the tourist activity on all the peninsula of Samana and mainly on Las Terrenas (under very little, it will be directly connected to Las Terrenas by the prolongation of the coastal road Las Terrenas - Isabella).

- it is the motorway Santo Domingo/Las Terrenas which is in service since May 2008: it should be known that for the Dominican ones of the capital, Las Terrenas corresponds to the Tropez Saint of the French. Currently at 2 hours (instead of 4 a.m. before) of road of St Domingue, tired Terrenas was already well attended by the Dominican ones of the capital (strong purchasing power); that reinforces even more the interest of Las Terrenas for the inhabitants of St Domingue.

- it is the golf and the marina which are in the course of construction.

- all this dynamics returned Las Terrenas even more attractive so that the large investors misent on the area with inter alia, this chain of luxury hotels which since the end of 2006 has just created 4 luxury hotels: Gran Bahia Principle in Cayo Levantado, Gran Bahia Cayacoa Principle in Samaná, Gran Bahia Samaná Principle on the road of Mow Galeras, Gran Bahia Principle El Portillo in Las Terrenas.

They are the beginnings of the economic development of Mow Terrenas: the village is in full change; also the investments currently carried out profit from this rise. That explains why for 3 years, the price of the grounds has increased of more than 15% each year. More been worth in the short and medium term are realizable on acquisitions made now.

Apartments : a big potentiel

Las Terrenas misses apartments with 2 rooms; the great majority of the apartments on Las Terrenas have 1 only room. To face the massive arrival of the residents with their family like for the tourist hiring, the apartments with 2 even 3 rooms are very required.

We can occupy ourselves to rent and manage your apartments with an optimized profitability (10 years experiment in this field).

your investment is refunded all alone and during this time, your inheritance increases: you capitalize on the value of your apartment which progresses (purchase on plan = 15% of abatement on the normal value + inflation of the real estate with Las Terrenas)

Las Terrenas : le dévellopement immobilier et économique
plage, cocotiers et paradis fiscaux avec une fiscalité trés, trés "light"

Taxation very light

The Dominican Republic is classified among the most stable countries of the Caribbean and of Latin America and its taxation is very light.

The Dominican government included/understood that the foreign currencies are beneficial with all the countries also FINISHED STF, 11% of CSG/CRDS, Real estate tax, Taxe of dwelling,…
These tax incentives make of it an increasingly appreciated destination, real profitability being exceptional
A tax of the order 4,5% is perceived during the acquisition of the good and corresponds to the transfer taxes and fees of the notary then nothing any more is perceived.

EXCEPT so well > 5.000.000 RD$ (either approximately 100.000€)

Investments protected

The Dominican legislation is based on the Napoleon code (many similarities with France), and since January 8, 1998 (decree 21-98) the foreigners profit from same the rights as Dominican themselves.

Moreover, investments that you realized are protected by a Agreement between the government from the French Republic and the government from the Dominican Republic on the reciprocal encouragement and protection from the investments

+ d'infos . . . Accéder au texte publié au Journal Officiel de la République FrançaiseDate France signature: 14.01.1999 Paris - Date strength France: 23.01.2003
Date law OJ: 20.04.2001 - Page law OJ: 6112 - N° decree: 2003-652 - Date decree: 09.07.2003
Date publication with the OJ: 17.07.2003 - Page decree OJ: 12108

France / Las Terrenas = accord Franco Dominicain sur les investissements

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