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The Dominican

tous à la mer en republique dominicaine, Las Terrenas
Saint Domingue en republique dominicaine, Las Terrenas


A destination of dream become in a few international years Eldorado of the tour operator

Between Cuba and Jamaica on a side and Puerto Rico of the other, the Dominican Republic is the second country of the Antilles by its surface after Cuba.
Undeniable star of tourism in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic asserted himself in ten years on the firmament of the destinations of tropical holidays the most sought by the manufacturers of dream to measure.

The island had very to succeed: a generous and varied nature surrounding of its dense tropical vegetation of the monumental sierras, the peak Duarte, more the high summit of the Caribbean, and the beaches sublimes côtoyant of the sites which one finds on all the postcards which make us dream: island of Saona, island of Catalina, Cayo levantado….with precedes the Dominican ones, people which can benefit from the moment present: always smiling, always ready to dance, have fun the festival.

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The country knows one of the most beautiful growth of the Latin America and so attracts many investors, builders, turns-operators. The first source of revenue is tourism and the political will goes in this direction since the president of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernández, states to want to make peninsula of Samana Monte Carlo Dominicain (international airport El Catey, motorway connecting Saint Domingue to Las Terrenas, golf, marina are built or under development). It should be said that the assets are multiple: climate, of the kilometers of beaches, the natural beauty of the landscapes, traces of the history (required passage by Santo Domingo and the district of the colonial city) of the attractive prices (let us not forget that the voyages “all inclusive” were invented in Dominican Republic) but also a taxation of more “light” from where a very interesting real profitability.

carnaval en republique dominicaine, Las Terrenas republique dominicaine, plages, repos à Las Terrenas Saona en republique dominicaine, Las Terrenas Las Terrenas en republique dominicaine

Las Terrenas

plage Las Terrenas en republique dominicaine
playa en republique dominicaine, Las Terrenas



Las Terrenas imposes its charm

Las Terrenas is located on the Northern coast of the Island of Hispaniola, in the peninsula of bay of Samana.
Far from tourism of mass and hotel complexes, Las Terrenas with its immense beaches bordered of coconuts became one of the jewels of the Caribbean.

Small village of fishermen in the beginning, Tired Terrenas in Dominican Republic of share its charm, profited from the arrival of many Europeans (Spanish, Canadian, Italian, German and much of French…). That allowed the modernization of the village (electricity, water, telephone…) while still preserving the multicoloured dwellings of the villager where the rhythms of salsa resound and of mérengué. Inhabitants who will reserve a reception of most cordial to you and who will be able to transmit their permanent good mood to you.

Side beaches, you have only the embarrassment of the choice: playa Popy, playa Tired Terrenas, playa Tired Ballenas, playa Bonita and playa Coson, which with their leaning coconuts guarantees to you one of the moments of most romantic at the time of the sunset.

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The bay of Samana is located at the North-East of the Dominican Republic, long of an about sixty kilometers and twenty broad. Bordered of coconuts and surrounded by small islands, the bay of Samana offers all the beauties and contrasts of the country to you: very picturesque, at the same time wild and authentic. The climate is moderate there with its permanent trade winds, the variations in temperature do not exceed a few degrees. Its main cities are Samana, Sanchez, and Tired Terrenas. The Peninsula of Samana is the place where there exists the greatest quantity of coconuts to the square meter in the world; place révê for a balneal stay far from the tourist concentrations. But as for the investors because the important real development associated with an interesting taxation, with a true political will of development of the peninsula of Samana make as the investment realized today on Las Terrenas profit from an incredible rise.

baleines en republique dominicaine, Las Terrenas vendeur de tableaux en republique dominicaine, Las Terrenas restaurant Dominicain à Las Terrenas Baleines à Las Terrenas republique dominicaine
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