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Las terrenas was a small village of fishermen lost on the northern coast of the Peninsula of Samana. Today, it is on the way to become an important destination of holidays in Dominican Republic. With the will to make tourism different from tourism of mass of Punta Cana, more authentic, nearer to Dominican and luxuriant Dominican nature. All that is also carried out thanks to the many possible excursions at the beginning of Las Terrenas.
Samana and the village of Las Terrenas is a destination for in love ones with nature. One finds there at the same time mountain green, the luxuriant tropical forest, the marvellous bays with water turquoises and crisatllines, without forgetting the sand beaches white bordered of coconuts extending on kilometers. And so that these holidays are YOUR HOLIDAYS, let us not forget the trade and services at your disposal

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All the services to which you are accustomed: banks, French school, bakery and French butchery, pharmacy, hospital, veterinary surgeon, taxi, hairdressing salon, travel agency, casino,… has Las Terrenas and not elsewhere….

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That it is at the village of the fishermen or more in the village, you will find any kind of bars, of restaurants with as many kinds of kitchen, the most refined of to the small simpler Dominican restaurant but to make (possibility of roasted lobster,…) …. 

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restaurant dominicain : simple et chaleureux
Colmado : épicerie De République Dominicaine


“Colmado” of course, Dominicains trade which correspond to our old grocer of district: you will find of very at “Dominican prices” and differently, several supermercado “supermarket” on Las Terrenas held by Europeans (champagne, cheeses, dairy products. …)

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It is what made the notoriety of Mow terrenas: beaches, whales, coconuts….
That choice, Las Terrenas is entourré beaches: playa Punta Popy, playa Tired Terrenas, Tired Playa Ballenas, playa Bonita, playa Coson.

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Plage de Las Terrenas
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